Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday - teacher only day

Today me and Breezy get to stay home and do nothing much. (And if you're not a kiwi, you probably don't grasp the concept of 'nothing much' - so this might help...)

It's Friday. Usually that would mean school... but today is a teacher only day. Couldn't come at a better time really - I feel like crap and the thought of doing anything much is beyond me. Seems the bugs-on-a-plane have weakened my immune system and now I have kiwi bugs... not cool! I'm highly unimpressed.

So, news this week?

Nothing much.

Just turned the pages in my day planner from Tuesday to Friday... there was nothing in between! Pretty sure I did stuff though. It just wasn't anything I had to write in the day planner!

Am writing Soundbyte.
It is the 5th byte novel. And it's downright icky in places. I know... and I'm the one saying it. Imagine that?
Not icky as in gory or bloody, so that will either please or piss people off. It's icky on a whole other level.

A few things happened this week.
1. Discovered someone screwed up links on a website - one to someone who IS NOT ME. Another to a website I haven't used in years.
2. Friends of ours are moving south. So at some point I will have to tell Squealer and Breezy, and I don't want to.
3. Dished out pep talk to good friend who was in dire need after rotten review. (Some people are nasty because they can be, it certainly had no merit.)
4. Took guidelines into Breezy's school for a story competition that the Admins and I are judging. The school is pushing the contest and giving the kids until the end of term to write their stories. Hopefully we'll get some interesting reading for the holidays!
5. Had long interview with GAP (the lovely Lynette) - so, hopefully, won't be long before we have a Greyhound.

Enjoy your Friday.

Oh and one last thing:

Happy Birthday Ex. :-) 

(It's already your birthday here in the Southern Hemisphere...)

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