Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do we have to go here again??

Something’s really annoy me – I find myself especially annoyed by things that people can fix and fix quickly. I’m going to be using some examples now from the last week or so…

1. The whole Domino’s saga – it doesn’t take over a week to reverse a credit card transaction… in this case TWO transactions, especially when NEITHER should have been debited from my account in the first place.

So – fuck you Domino’s. You did too little too late and I am still down a wad of money. (Could’ve used that to buy meat for my family, but no, you obviously don’t give a flying fuck about the people you are ripping off.)

2. People who don’t fuc’n grasp that books do not write themselves AND THEY ARE NOT FREE. It takes a LONG time and a lot of effort to write a novel, then even longer and more effort to find a publisher, then MORE time and effort working with an editor etc etc… and THEN, there are the interviews, marketing, promotion – while writing the next book, and so the cycle goes. And sales are where our money comes from… not the fuc’n lending fairy. SALES. If you go lending books to the whole damn street, authors miss out on SALES. From sales we get paid, not much mind you, but it’s better than the nothing we get from NO sales! So, think on this… if you lend my books (Or let’s use a music example, Lorenza’s CDs.) to ten people…  and they in turn lend the book/CD to another ten each… and so on, that’s a lot of sales lost. Can you see how this escalates?

Brings to mind the old adage, “why buy the cow if you get the milk for free.”

And saying all that just completely goes over most people heads, because they still don’t see anything wrong in what they do.

But, I wouldn’t expect a plumber or electrician to work for free, and I sure as hell wouldn’t expect him to go visit twenty of my friends and do their work for free… it’s no different, people, no different at all!

3. Poor Service.
Seriously… you know you have a party of twenty or so coming into your restaurant for a 21st dinner… so put on enough staff both in the kitchen and in the restaurant!! Do not make people wait two and a half hours before their food appears. And if you do make people wait that damn long the food had better be exceptional… oh, but it wasn’t. It was barely average. What’s worse the ‘kids’ menu was utter shite. Guess where we won’t be eating again? Yeah, the Furnace at the Tote in Trentham. Below par food, service and quite frankly not worth the trouble.

Addressing the patrons in the restaurant as “Youse Fellas” not so endearing when we’re starving. Trying to get an ice-cream sundae for Breezy… who wasn’t well, but didn’t want to miss out on the special birthday dinner… and her having to wait two hours for ice-cream and then discovering it was two pathetic scoops with a drizzle of store bought strawberry sauce over the top… that ain’t a sundae. We do better at home and it doesn’t take two hours to prepare!!

Lift your game, because that sucks.

I’ve obviously been completely ruined by dining out in America… where service means service, food is glorious, and there is no sitting around starving and being encouraged to DRINK, for two hours while waiting for the food.

I think that’ll do.

I am off now to spend Sunday with my sick child, run errands, and make Romeo new jammies.

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