Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday or Tuesday?

It's a bit like that today.

I woke at 3am. My body insisted it was almost lunchtime and that I'd slept in. It's a tad confused. How can it be Wednesday - I left North America on Sunday, and got home early yesterday morning. It's just not right.
Kinda amusing though.

So right about now I am a bit tired. It's effectively zero dark thirty for me, and yet it isn't.

It's been a day that wafted in and out of real consciousness. Many many things circulating in my mind, some of which need action now, other things are happy to sit for a while. But they're there. Even the things that are happy to sit, are quietly making their presence felt.

And then there is my restless impatience - (usually directed at myself). I have no patience and I want to get things finished, sorted, signed, well - you know... I want things done. And currently I'm not exactly capable of getting it all done as quickly as I'd like (and to the standard I insist upon!).

I really just want to go to bed and sleep - but I know I'll wake before 3am if I sleep now!!

We're having a big dinner on Saturday night - am hoping that the Admins and I are back on deck by then.

To sum up the last month - fuc'n awesome.
Am I sharing?
No, not yet.

There is lots going on.


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