Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday May 26, 2011

Good afternoon constable. (Now try saying… “Good afterble constanoon” – Go on! Why? Because it amuses me how many people cannot say that – seriously, it makes me laugh.)
No, that’s not my main reason for blogging this rainy Thursday afternoon. Nor is it to mention that I’ve lost about 5kg since leaving NZ in April. (But while we’re on that subject… I’m wearing tie-dyed orange jeans that I bought and tie-dyed only to discover they were two sizes too small, and now they fit – comfortably. And I’m extremely pleased about it. )

The reason I’ve decided to blog and not work for the next hour is to let y’all know that a collection of short Bytes is now available from Amazon Kindle. They’re stories about Ellie and they mostly cover things that happened between the first three books – all except for the last story which takes place after exacerbyte. The collection is available now on Kindle and is priced at a very affordable… US 99 cents.

Each story has its own cover within the collection.

I have to mention how pleased I am with the pictures on my Kindle – they are clear and just fabulous as black and whites in E-ink!! Of course if you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad you’ll see the photos in glorious color… which would be quite awesome. (And if you read Kindle on your PC, Laptop or Mac then you also have glorious color! LOL)

I will now go back to work. Been working on the 5th Byte – Soundbyte – and there have been a few tricky scenes in the last two days… so regular breaks are the key. Or Ellie may well take me over completely!

I want the rain to stop before I have to walk to school this afternoon… gumboots won’t go with orange jeans… LOL, truthfully not much goes with orange jeans. (Certainly not my red jacket… maybe I can get away with wearing my purple one…?)

Tomorrow I am going to school for the afternoon – talking to kids at assembly about writing more interesting stories… we’re going to play a game with some pictures. Let’s hope I remember to print some! Lol, not taking laptop this time. Weather will probably be crap – laptop in the rain.. Noooo.

Think I might require a sandwich shortly.

Hope y’all are having a good day.

Go buy Torrent .. and get your friends to buy Torrent.  It’s a dollar!

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