Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday and BIG surprise - no Rapture here

I know – shocking isn’t it? Seems that someone got it wrong again. Although I’m pretty sure the current volcanic carrying on in Iceland will be considered rapture worthy by someone!! Just let it go – accept it ain’t gonna happen and find something else to rave about.

This morning I read a story that made me laugh, a lot. I got to the end and discovered I wasn’t supposed to make comment – OMFG – I swear my head nearly exploded. I wanted to scream. So I commented about not being able to comment.

I know – but shit, it will drive me nuts if I can’t comment on this one story.

{Admins – do we or do we not know someone who takes the Blue Line to work?}

Apart from surviving the non-existent rapture and being unable to comment on a story… it’s been a fairly quiet day. I did get a ridiculous email which made me laugh and had both Action Man and I dumbfounded. There is no fathoming what goes on in some people’s minds. So I give up. The person in question can go wallow in a pit of misery I shall not be extending anything to pull her out again.

But yeah a quiet day.

An idea I had last night, did pop back up this morning, which indicates it’s a good one or at least one with potential. If I can just rouse myself to haul out a plot we’ll be well on our way to creating a NZ series.

Is the world ready for something set in Upper Hutt?

I doubt it.

But you are getting it, so brace yourselves.

I’ve run the idea by my admins – Admin One is for it. So, let’s just see if it’ll fly! (I hope it won’t plummet… but Kiwi’s are flightless birds so… could be a lot of plummeting and splatting going on!)

In other news… there is none.

Yep… that’s right.


How was your weekend???

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