Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looks like a good week...

Happy Tuesday!
I know what the blog says... it's wishful thinking. :)

Today is my first day home alone - the first day I've had home alone in almost two months. It's so nice! I forgot how nice.

My music playing as loud as I like whenever I feel like it.... I've felt like it ALL day.

Dinner cooking - lasagna, which I just made. Because I could without any interruptions or without having to work around anyone or anything. I'll re-heat it later, cos we all know lasagna benefits from re-heating as opposed to eating fresh.

I've worked for a few hours. (Oh so enjoyed that!!)

I've done mundane houseworky things.

I've even entertained... well, kinda. Dionne and Tim came for coffee after we went for a walk this morning. Kinda, because I don't exactly have to entertain them! :)

There's a good chance that the headache I've had for over a week will now fuck off. Things are getting back to normal. Action Man is at work. No doubt he's enjoying himself.

Shortly we will be hearing from GAP about a home visit, which will hopefully lead to a new four-legged family member. It's high time I had a dog walking next to me on my jaunts down the river path - and lying with me watching TV at night. We also think Squealer will benefit from having a dog in the house again. Of course Breezy is a reincarnation of my old yellow Lab, Jake - so we know she'll love having a dog around! :)
As for the cat, well she quite likes dogs. If she can tolerate a hunt-away puppy and the notorious little Jack... she'll be fine with a much more refined creature like a Greyhound. And we know Milly the ancient bunny cares not a jot about anything - as long as she has plenty of hay and fresh vegies. So much for the rabbit being old and it being too cold for her outside, 3 winters ago! She's now 7, and showing no sign of becoming pie anytime soon. Guess having an indoor hutch suits her!!

I suppose I should move - can't forget to pick up Breezy... don't forget the child...


Hope you're all having a good week.


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