Friday, May 6, 2011

It could be Friday, but I'm not certain

Actually my computer says it's Friday and as I wouldn't let it change it's time and date while I was away, it's probably right.

This week began in North America and ended in New Zealand. Hence there are still some time travel issues. For one I am waking at 3am and thinking I've slept in... I haven't. Whoops. Of course the other issue happens later ...

By midafternoon I'm knackered and in need of sleep.

Even staying up to a normal bedtime doesn't stop the EARLY mornings.

They've become productive early starts though. I have time to blog this morning because I've already done a full days work!

I do have news.

That's right, news.

This week I signed the contract for the 4th _Byte novel - FLASHBYTE. :) Big grins all round. We shall celebrate on Saturday night. Admins are excited with new contract. I have Dolcetto and Sryah chilling. Yes I know it's a red wine, but it's also a blend and one of the few reds that is happiest chilled! (So, No, I'm not a philistine when it comes to red wine, this one is a special red. And I don't mean it's retarded either.)

I am a pleased little author at the moment. Have a publisher who has faith in me and an editor who loves my new book. What more could I want? (Can you say TV/film deal? Yeah? me too... that'd be nice!)

Currently working on the 5th Byte. Soundbyte.
Also putting together a new series. You'll hear more about this later. (Much later probably)

Action Man has a job interview today. (This is awesomeness!)

So tell me what you've all been doing while I was away. - You must've done something I was gone for a month!!

While you think about it and leave me lovely comments I shall go back to my map... and figure out where the Unsub went.

Yes I am smiling, and no it's not something I care to share with the class. (It's got a lot to do with a German Restaurant in West Virginia and beer, one of those 'had to be there' moments.)

Sausgae anyone?

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Cat said...

Using IE to post a blog is an awful idea. Seems it renders me incapable of spelling sausage! :)


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