Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Monday...

Happy Monday, world.

Yep, Monday already!

Where’d the weekend go? Well, it just went really. It was busy. It was mostly fun. Both good things for a weekend to be.

This morning I took the guidelines for the Junior School Writing Competition into Breezy’s school. (You may recall I spoke to the kids during assembly on Friday about writing more interesting stories…)

On Friday night we decided the judging would be a team effort – me, Admin Fail One and Admin Bubbles. We also want the entries to be anonymous – for us. We know too many, and even though we would try very hard not to be biased, it just might turn out that way!


Friday night was Fish and Chips at our place. We had a few drinks for the newly deceased – Milly the now stiff bunny. And generally had fun. I woke on Saturday morning to a hole in the back garden and no rabbit hutch in the living room… Milly was buried, the hutch cleaned and put in the shed. It has left quite a gap in the living room… one which we hope to fill with a large dog bed shortly.

Sunday I worked all afternoon. Which is how I spent most of this morning as well.

I also called the doc and requested a script for Squealer – let’s see if that gets written without any fuss! I hate leaving messages… the nurse never calls back – so this time I left a detailed message asking for the script. Hope it’s ready by lunchtime tomorrow, because that’s when I’m going to get it! Lol

At the moment I’m avoiding writing the next scene – I know too much about turning ventilators off and brain death to make this part of Soundbyte fun. But in all honesty – I don’t know that that is the outcome here at all.  (It looks very much like that from where I’m sitting… on the other side of the screen.) If it is… it changes everything. As it should and does.

Say hello – tell me about your weekend…

 and don't forget to pop over and get a copy of Torrent... it'll cost ya.. a whole 99 cents! :)

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