Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday in NYC

So last night was fun - who'd have thunk it? Obviously not me. But it was. I got to meet some very nice people. I got to put faces to the names I see on Twitter. And that was just downright cool.

Today was hungover.

Sara dragged me out of the hotel and into the Subway. It was less scary. We went to a book store in Greenwich then had lunch at Fiddlesticks.
Sitting outside, eating lunch, and talking. Very Nice!

Then we walked the 30  blocks back to the hotel, had coffee, played with Twitter, hung out.
Rose and Megan came home.
Sara left to have a rest before a party tonight.

I pretty much blobbed on the sofa and half-heartedly wrote a scene I was working on earlier. Discovered I missed a few calls and text messages. Lorenza got us an earlier booking for Carmines tonight. Awesome!!

Finally managed to get ready and am reasonably presentable and ready for Italian food and more red wine.

All in all a pretty good day, in a city I know I'll never see again.

Today I have managed to not be Irish. No telling how long I can keep this up though... I hear the voice in my head. (Jesus mother Mary, is says loudly at everything I think!)

There are some fuc'n awful photos of me from last night, and no, I won't be posting them.
There is also video, and no, again!

Hope you're all having a good day.

Looks like we are missing an impressive storm in Fairfax... bugger!!!

But Sara took photos today and one of those might be okay!

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