Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Washington DC - day one

Today we headed into DC for the first time this trip.

Bus, then rail.

We got off at the Metro. Tomorrow we'll take the train to the Smithsonian - which is where we ended up today, then caught the train back from the Federal Triangle.

Fabulous day. VERY VERY hot and humid. (Not a fan of humidity and hot winds, but it was still a wankalicious day.)
Had to buy a tee shirt, as was wearing a long sleeve tee and light jacket - so not going to work for walking around DC in the heat.
We even saw the President's cavalcade heading home to the White House as we were walking over to the monument. Man it was windy up there... my hat tried to blow away, and the serviettes in my bag (from our hot dog stop by the White House blew right out of my bag and were gone within seconds.)

Admin One became official photographer - my camera batteries died. (We still haven't got more batteries.) And Admin Bubbles camera died on the train! (or was it the bus? lol)

We all had a great time. Bought tee shirts, and stuff for the girls. And Squealer if you're reading this... a very cool tee shirt for you and Breezy and pins too!

Updated to include:

Dinner? Well, really no surprise but we went over to Champs again. Was fabulous. Admin One remembered the word Admin bubbles came up with the other night - Bubblelicious.

Jim -- if you are reading this - Blackberry Margaritas! Truly delicious. :D

We left a Sheep shagger pen and a kiwi pen with Hunter and Ritchie at Champs. Cos that's how we roll.

Tired now. Still really hot outside.

Stay tuned for tomorrows DC adventure.

Admin One and me. It was HOT.

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