Sunday, May 1, 2011

Highlights... and reflection

Tomorrow the time traveling begins again. We fly back to the future.
And because I haven't blogged much while away, I thought I would write a reflective blog today. (I really intended to blog more than I have, but you do have to admit I posted a lot of photo's via Facebook, so no one can really feel that neglected!)

Currently I am in Canada. But we'll get to that later. Let's do this in some sort of order?

For the bulk of this trip we were in Fairfax, Virginia and Washington, DC. Pretty sure you all know how I felt about that. (Yep, It's home.) So many things were right during this phase of the trip that it was EXTREMELY hard to leave Virginia. and yeah, the whole way to NYC on the train I wanted to go back.

I might have been quite vocal about it - especially when confronted with the utter crazy that is Penn Station and then Times Square. My advice - don't go to Times Square, it truly is hell. I would never stay there again, nice hotel or not! But once I got out of that god awful place, NYC was okay. I met some great people, that I would not have otherwise met.
During our first real day in NYC, William Freedman came to visit and took us into the subway and to The Strand bookstore. It wasn't so scary.
Thanks to The Mysterious Bookshop and Sara J. Henry. our first real  night in the dreadful city was okay- and greatly improved after a few drinks - okay, maybe more than a few. But it wasn't so bad. :) I still need to send photos to Sara so she can tell me who I met!! Come on, a room full of writers... the terror of such a small space so crammed with writers. We're lucky I could remember my own name.
Day 2: Sara and I went to Greenwich. We had lunch at Fiddlesticks. We visited her books in a bookshop. :)

That night - dinner was at Carmine's with  Lorenza Ponce. Dinner was fun. Really fun. We drank red wine, we ate, we laughed, and Admin Bubbles blew out a candle on birthday bread pudding. (She'll never forget that birthday, huge hugs to Lorenza for making it so memorable!) So Lorenza has been warned that Breezy will be making video again, once I get home... yeah, I bought her a video camera while I was in Virginia.

Flying out of La Guardia - flights were delayed due to storms and fog. I wanted to go south. The thought of being stuck in Montreal over night (no one was sure if the plane would take-off and if we'd make connecting flights) was horrendous. With no internet access it was kinda hard to let anyone know what was going on. we got to Saint John, late but we got there.

When I get home I will fill you in on the rest of the trip. And there will be some in depth blogs about Virginia and the things we did there and in DC.

At sometime during the trip killerbyte drifted back up to #2 on Mobipocket suspense/thriller list. Not sure where it is now, but for the most of the trip it was #2. Gotta love it.

More later...

Love you long time x

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