Sunday, April 24, 2011

Harper's Ferry.

Today we started out about 9 a.m. Exeye, me and both Admins on a road trip... Exeye was driving. What started out as a cold rainy day, ended up in very warm and sunny.

For a while there I wondered if X and I were the only ones having fun. I love cemeteries (as most of you no doubt know) - so any chance to wander through old cemeteries is great for me. Even better if there are wild violets under foot. Hanging out where dead people live = fun for me.

When the entire day settles into some semblance of order I will write a more in depth blog. A lot of today will end up in a book or two. Gotta feeling Ellie loves battle fields and history too.

Meanwhile here's some pictures:
I've seen so many violets as I've wandered through cemeteries. You really have to know me well to grasp the significance of violets and the dead.

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