Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday/Saturday/some of Sunday

Yes this is me playing catch up... so you're getting three days at once, and let's hope I remember everything.
Quite honestly there is a good chance I won't.

Friday started early - we wandered over the Fair Oaks Mall for coffee well before the mall stores actually opened. Was quite nice actually... meant we could have a look around without lots of people. Coffee was the best I've had in Virginia. (But in all fairness there isn't a shit load of competition - and some of the coffees we've had were more like colored water...YUCK.)
Not entirely sure what we did for five hours in the mall on Friday... but we did 5 hours in the mall. That's pretty impressive. We have started a store card collection.
(whoops forgot the rest of Thursday... this is how that went, arrived at hotel about 10 pm - ordered pizza - ate pizza - went to sleep)
We wandered further afield. Up to Safeway. That was less than exciting but necessary... except we kinda bought junk food. Oh well, we are on vacation!
Friday night we ate leftover pizza and slept!

Saturday: we slept in. Bill called from New York. I washed my hair then had the fun of drying it... hair dryer kept over-heating and it's a tad gutless. Took quite a while and was just annoying really. We did eventually go over to the mall. I bought some things for Action Man. And sneakers for us! It's not good walking in fabulous boots... sneakers so much more sensible. Then we hiked up Fairfax County Pkwy to Fair Lakes shopping center - on the way we dropped into the Whole Food market on Market Commons Dr - interesting. Went to Dick's and got some cool stuff for the Boy Wonder. Then carried on up the road... Toys are Us was fun - got some cool stuff for Squealer and Breezy. Then we gave up and walked back to the hotel. Did a wonderful 8 miles of walking.

Despite 8 miles of walking, I didn't get much sleep last night. Was pretty shit actually. Admin Bubbles didn't sleep very well either.

As I write this - Admin One is asleep and Admin Bubbles is reading Exacerbyte.

Today we walked up to the NRA Museum. It's quite a walk. We did walk along Shirley Gate Rd - I wanted to head over to Park Dr, but gave up at Lee hwy! I'm not crossing that!!

Then it was a walk back to Barnes and Noble for more weak coffee. :)  And back to the hotel.

The day is not done... but we may well be.

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JETaylor said...

Wait until you get to New York City and go to the Toys-R-Us on Times Square. Quite an experience!

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