Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can I be shagged blogging?

Well, not really!

Been way too busy working to be worrying about blogging.

Hope you're all doing okay... we're fine over here.

Have been many amusing moments. Admins now have new names. "Admin Covert and Admin Spy." One day we'll tell the story behind that.

Had fabulous fun meeting Stella (A.S. King) and Exeye (Not telling you his name, it's secret.... just like the squirrel). Would post a picture but - no. You'll have to wait until I get home and actually physically be present at my house for that.

Admin Spy just informed me how long it takes to cook ravioli - three drinks. And we would like to inform you that "Drinking while cooking kills" - this safety message was brought to you by FF Chambers. (Admin Covert)

Will not be sending any boxes home. Fuck UPS.
We will be buying an extra suitcase and paying the excess baggage charge!! Way fuc'n cheaper... That is what we learned today.

Well dinner is served... take care out there.

PS. I found some real cheddar today!!! It's just like home, NOT orange. :)

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