Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apparently it's Tuesday.

Yes, Tuesday... was a busy day.

We started at Rosslyn - (the A on the map) and wandered about doing stuff until we reached G. Turns out it's over 10 miles of wandering about... which makes it 16 + km.


And the best bit... we kept coming across cool stuff, so none of us noticed how far we'd walked.

Hello, Starbucks on M!

Last night we went out to Texas De Brazil with X. Truly groovacious. Great meal, really fun company. Now the hockey game on Saturday afternoon is a no go, so we're free to travel the Shenandoah Valley with X. If indeed he's free. lol

Currently - we're drinking. Admin One is watching some Discovery channel program about crabs (catching them and no not rude ones... the kind you eat.). Admin Bubbles is iPad 2ing and looking for a condom thing to put on her iPad. :) Yep, that's how it is here... very very strange!

And it's been pointed out that the only other tall glass leaks. *Shrugs*


Hope y'all have had a good day. We sure as hell have.

Nope no way to work Mark Valley into this blog... dang! lol

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