Friday, April 1, 2011

Where did the week go?

I don't know... can't quite believe it's Friday already. Am rather hoping time slows down between the 7th of April and May 3rd... so I can fully enjoy my time away!!

How exciting! Just a few more days (LESS than a week) and the gorgeous Admins and myself will be winging our way toward Virginia.

We just have to survive our farewell party tomorrow... and the rest of today.

Squealer and Breezy are having a moment. Breezy wanted to play Sims 2, but she needs help.. Squealer agreed to help her then buggered off saying, "I'll be back in a minute."
Well, she didn't come back. Breezy got stuck... well actually she accidentally deleted her person. So she went looking for Squealer. (Who by the way scored a 3 for her homework - that's the highest mark possible - for the first time ever this week!! but I digress now on with the tale of woe...)
Squealer was playing in her room, she reached for a balloon and fell, smacking chin on a box of CD's. Breezy laughed. (Oh, come on... it's well known that when people fall over it's funny.) Squealer... well she squealed...  Action Man came to the rescue and got her an ice-pack.
So now the girls are back downstairs and Breezy got mad at Squealer saying she'd come back and then not. She deemed that  lie. They exchanged heated words. Then Breezy decided to add a few slaps to the mix. Once it was over I said to Squealer, "What happens when you annoy people by not doing what you say you'll do?"
 She replied, "They try to kill you." Gotta love the dramatics!
Breezy is back playing Sims. Squealer is listing the cooking games she likes and scowling.

Did I mention I like Mondays? I like them more than Fridays... everyone is tired and cranky on Friday afternoons. But tomorrow is Saturday.... and Saturday has port and red wine. I like Port and Red wine.

Oh did you buy this yet?? Exacerbyte or perhaps you'd like the kindle version?

Of course you maybe slow in catching on and need to start at the beginning?? Let me help you don't even have to move your little mouse pointer over to the right hand side of the blog.
killerbyte and kindle
terrorbyte and kindle

I am so good to you people!


Love you long time.

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