Monday, March 21, 2011

Today is a prep day

Yep, that's right a prep day.

Tomorrow I am going to Heretaunga College to talk to some of  the year 10,11 and 12's students about writing. It is NZ book month - and the hope is to get local kids to realize that writing is within their grasp (if they want to write that is).

So, after discovering there is a big screen in the library that I can plug my laptop into... I've been working on a Power Point presentation. These kids are old enough to see the book trailers and for me to actually discuss writing with. (I hope)
I have been warned that they may not be forth coming with questions... wonder if they'll mind if  I ask them some questions? Guess we'll find out.

So, the trailers are now part of my presentation... that was harder than I thought. We made the killerbyte one quite a while ago now and I couldn't find it! Was safe on a flash drive as it would be... but as I have at least 10, that isn't the easiest thing to find! Now it's in dropbox. Along with the terrorbyte and exacerbyte trailers.
Hopefully all will go well tomorrow!

I'm not entirely sure what to talk about - but I'll figure it all out - by tomorrow!

How is your Monday? :)

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