Monday, March 28, 2011

The joy of Monday.

I do love Monday's - they're mine. I use Monday's to recover from the chaos that ensues here in the weekends.
So this morning... (It's 10 days until I arrive in Virginia) I cleaned, wrote, enjoyed music without anyone wanting the idiot box on, and throughly enjoyed myself - because it's Monday. Everyone is either at work or at school.


I do still have a few things to do before I pick up Breezy this afternoon. One is to cover the box Squealer and I decoupaged yesterday. Because it's a functional box I'm covering it in clear vinyl. I need to make Admin Bubbles Jools doll some boots and figure out how to make a cap for my Ellie doll. Can't be that hard.
I would like to increase the word count on my latest _Byte novel to over 20,000 before I leave next week. That's actually pretty easy to achieve if I make myself sit down and write! (Am really enjoying writing Soundbyte)

I think Breezy wanted me to add pink streaks to her Lorenza dolls hair... which I can do, but have no pink wool at the moment, so will have to go get some tomorrow.

The lists are made - so Action Man knows what he needs to do while I'm away.

Turns out Breezy was worried about dinners. She was pretty sure she wouldn't like whatever daddy made and figured she'd get in trouble for not eating it and be hungry! (Kids are funny at times) So, we sat down with Action Man and made a list of all the things Breezy likes to eat... and added plenty of yogurt (without lumps) to the list, for those emergency type situations - you know in case Action Man makes something truly unacceptable! :)  Sorted!
Just goes to show how odd kids can be... the rule is - you MUST try it, but you don't have to eat it if you really don't like it - you can have something else. 
It's always been that way.
I do however insist that no one sits at the table and comments rudely! If a kid tries it and doesn't like it - fine, but I won't tolerate anyone saying,"Yuck! I'm not eating that!" or anything else disparaging about food in front of them.
Just like I insist that knives and forks are used correctly, elbows are not allowed on the table, keep your mouth shut while you chew, sit up straight with your legs under the table, and LIFT the fork to your mouth do not move your head toward the table.  And when you've finished your meal, you thank the cook and clear away your plate! We eat as a family. We talk about our day at the dinner table.
They're all things we've all grown up with - contrary to some peoples opinion instilling manners into a child is not mean, in fact quite the opposite- kids who have manners, grow into adults with manners...

One of the things I will miss while I'm away is eating with my family every night.

The first thing I will do when I get home will be to cook a big family dinner. :)

The list of things everyone wants me to bring back has now reached 2 pages. Might have to set aside days for shopping!!

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