Sunday, March 27, 2011

If that was Saturday we've had it...

No really we have,  it's Sunday morning.

I did 24 hours AFK (for those of you who aren't super geeks, that's 'Away From Keyboard') from Saturday morning until now... it was oddly pleasant.

Saturday was busy. I chose to spend it with my kids and Action Man, and with my trusty Admins (Rose and Megan). We shopped. We shopped for gifts for people we are seeing while in the States. Was fun. Now all the bits and pieces I bought are in my suitcase. Just a few more things to snaffle up before we leave.

Was a really good day.

I watched some of The Hurt Locker yesterday afternoon before 'The Trusty Admins' came back for dinner. We had an array of nibbles for dinner... cheeses, bread, meats, cherry tomatoes, grapes, pate, etc... delicious!  Was my first try of Admin One's home brewed Port... Oh Dear Lord it's divine!! Seriously good port! Twas fruity and sweet and so very smooth.
Kane, Vicky, and Teesh came over - they all sampled the port too and loved it!

The Boy Wonder sorted Minecraft for Squealer (he bought her the game (for me), so she can play her own rather than his login.) So she happily played online last night with other minecrafters.
Once our guests had vacated I watched the rest of Hurt Locker with Action Man. It wasn't a bad movie - but I won't bother watching it again. (seriously, nowhere near as good as Tears of the Sun... now that is an excellent movie)

Kids are now having grapes, oranges, and apples for breakfast - kinda like a fresh fruit salad I guess!

Hope y'all had/have a good weekend.

I intend to write later this morning. :)

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