Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good grief people... It's Wednesday already!

How the hell did that happen?

For those who care (Admin One and Admin Mangle Bubbles - that would be you two!) it is precisely 29 days until wheels up!! So many things want to jump from my finger tips about that.
Let's just say there is a good chance in 30 days one of us will be in trouble for something. Probably me, and probably because I have this smartassed streak that I keep well hidden? :)

So anyway. 29 days... Are you ready America?

What's new here? (Kind of you to ask.)

Friend Julia just came up with the title for the 5th _Byte book. And quite frankly, it's brilliant. Soundbyte. I love it!
And more apt than Julia could know at this point.

Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees... thanks Julia!! :)

If you'd like a signed bookplate for your paperback copy of EXACERBYTE.   Y'all have 2 weeks - which means cut off is April 23rd - after that you'll have to wait until May and my return to New Zealand!
The picture is a sticker. (Just like the killerbyte and terrorbyte ones)  This is what the book plates look like.   >>>>

Pretty huh?

Email me, tweet me, leave a comment, or Facebook me with your details and I'll post it right out.

Currently I am working on a massive re-write of what's now titled Soundbyte, the 5th Ellie Conway _Byte novel. Mostly because I wrote it over a year ago, and since then have written the 4th, Flashbyte... and also, Exacerbyte evolved during editing - so the 5th book needs an overhaul to take into account all changes. Plus - some new stuff has come to light. :) You know me, I don't like to talk work until it's done, but it's going to be pretty cool!

I need to make a comprehensive list of EVERYTHING Action Man has to pack for the girls - they're going away for the April school holidays. I won't be here to pack for them. So I can't do my usual sketchy list, knowing I'll get everything sorted on the day. Leaving Action Man in charge of packing... kinda makes me nervous. Maybe I'll make add check boxes on the lists and he can check them off as he packs??
I have booked their travel. So that's taken care of. (Let me tell ya it wasn't cheap!)

Now if the earth could just hold itself together for the next two months - that would be awesome! No earthquakes.

Now I'm going back to listen to Kevin Costner and Modern West - and get some writing done before we head off to Squealers first OT group session this afternoon.

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