Tuesday, March 15, 2011

23 days!!!

I may appear a little nuts at the moment, *shrugs* deal with it.

Am 10,057 words into a BRAND NEW Byte novel.

At this stage of the game - things get a little nuts.

I was going to rename the 5th Byte as Soundbyte but it turns out I'm writing Soundbyte now. The 5th Byte will be something else... I don't know what. At this point I really don't care too much. Most of that novel will be scrapped anyway and the new title will probably emerge as I re-write it. LATER. It ain't #5 any more.

Having a ton of fun writing new Byte novel.

Well I was - until I had a song stuck in my head for DAYS. Normally, not a problem... just listen to it and it goes away. Not this time. This time the song stuck in Ellie's head was also stuck in mine and because I didn't know why it became a tad torturous.
As much as I love Kevin Costner and Modern West - having Maria Nay stuck in my head for days wasn't as much fun as I first thought it might be!

THEN I ended up with two songs, two very different songs wedged in my mind and warping/morphing into one. I had Lorenza Ponce's 'What happened to you' and Kevin Costner and Modern West's 'Hey man what about you' competing then it got weird. Some kinda weird re-mix. Not as cool as you'd think. :)

I'm blaming the story.

Rightly or wrongly.

Gotta say this new story is pretty damn cool. I'm a big fan of things that sparkle, music, and murder (I know that sounds wrong, tossing murder in there, - and of course I mean within my text and not in life).
I'm quite hooked and can't wait to find out who did it and why. Gotta say it's pretty cool seeing a different side of Kurt Henderson too. He's a little more human...

Oh yeah... it's 23 days until me, Rose, and Migs arrive in Virginia. :)
I think everything is organised...

I'm quite looking forward to San Francisco despite only having time to see the airport.

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