Thursday, February 17, 2011

Waking with music in my head...

In itself that's not unusual. I usually wake with a song in my head... but because of what I'm writing and who Ellie's main off-sider is in this story, I have Untold Truths by Kevin Costner and Modern West on a constant loop within my brain. Not just the one song... oh hell no! This ear worm is the entire record. And it's often followed by Turn it On and again... the whole record.

I don't mind. I love the records (that's lucky really - as some of my characters like music that I don't... then it can get ugly!)

But I do miss waking up to Soul Shifter (by Lorenza Ponce).

I suspect that before the week is over I will be listening to all manner of music and FLASHBYTE will be sitting here waiting to meet my publisher and editor. This is a book no one has read. A story that picks up 6 months after EXACERBYTE (or exacerbyte or exacerbyte - depending on your preferred format, lol)

Much to my delight the paperback version of exacerbyte is finally available - I'm disturbed that Amazon don't want to ship to my address... cos this is SUPPOSED TO BE A WORLDWIDE RELEASE AND NOT REGIONALLY SPECIFIC.

On the plus side... I can order a copy for someone and ship it to my hotel in Fairfax, VA... sign it when I get there and then take it to NYC and personally give it to the recipient!
I doubt my copies from my publisher (or the printer - not sure where they're coming from) will get here in time for me to take one with me to the USA. (If it takes as long as it did last time, then I won't see a paperback version until I arrive in Virginia!)

On that note... I need to get kids ready for school. Breezy is still asleep. lol

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Anonymous said...

Music just makes it all come together and work - it also adds depth and keeps me focused.

I see you...

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