Sunday, February 20, 2011

TV, Jousting, #1, and dogs

This weekend started with a close up of killerbyte on Gillian's iPad on the Friday night news. (Which then led to phone calls and texts from people who recognized the cover!) - The link there is to Le'Esscience - I'm a HUGE fan of Aromatic therapy - because it works!
Think it might be time to introduce Ellie to the migraine and headache blend!

Saturday began with a trip to Petone Fair, then it was off to the Jousting at Harcourt Park.
Yes, there are pictures.
Me and the girls up on the hill watching. But that was not overly satisfying so down we went to the end of the tilt line.

After 4 and a half hours of Jousting fun we were ready for home.

And then I found this:
It might be a little hard to see from this - but what you are looking at is killerbyte at #1. (I think you can double click to get a bigger image.)
Yes, I know!!! 

As if the day wasn't already AWESOME!!

Let me try something... "From the number one bestselling author of killerbyte comes terrorbyte and exacerbyte." (Sounds kinda cool, huh?) 
And this looks cool: Cat Connor listings

Yes I am excited. 

So that brings us to Sunday (yeah?)... A trip into Wellington, a stop in Lower Hutt - a discussion about adopting a Greyhound and it looks like when I get back from the States we will go see about doing just that. We will have a dog again, but this time not a great hulking water dog - a much more refined animal is in our families future, a retired racing dog.

Plus - we have everything sorted for the big trip. All of us have our insurance and authorization to travel now. The next 6 weeks will fly by!!

Currently both the girls have asthma and Breezy is starting to sound croupy. Hopefully they'll be okay by tomorrow! (It's Squealer's birthday on Tuesday, she'll be 12! We had to stop off and get her present today - so yay, presents bought. Wrapping paper is still required but I have tomorrow!!)

It's been a fabulous weekend. 

I got a message from a twitter friend who finished exacerbyte today - She had this to say:
"Just finished final chunk of . What a ride! Couldn't breathe in the end! Well done @ - bring on the next book ;)"
"... I really did enjoy it :) Hubby got growled at for trying to talk to me at the exciting bit at the end"

And it's been a weekend off for me - Fabulous friend and author J.E. Taylor is currently reading Flashbyte for me, so I get the weekend off. :)

Now to go cook dinner. 


leesscience said...

I think it's a GREAT idea to introduce Ellie to the migraine synergy & blend >.< I can help there :D - with pleasure!

Cat Connor said...

Might be better than her operating in a Demerol haze!! :D
I shall pick your brain when I'm ready to write the next one...

I see you...

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