Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb 22nd 2011

It was a significant day for our family - Squealers 12th birthday! That's right, the Squealer is 12. Amazing.

She has finally discovered music. So for her birthday she got a CD player/radio - seriously the ad for it in the mailer that came said "Boom box" - oh how we laughed. She didn't think she would walk down the street with it on her shoulder though. She also got Taylor Swift and Brooke Fraser CD's. This all equals a happy little Squealer.

The other thing that happened on Feb 22nd 2011 - was far less enjoyable.
A devastating earthquake struck Christchurch and Lyttelton. You can go here and see the latest updates. TV3 have had fantastic coverage from the moment it all turned to custard down in Christchurch.
I am in awe at the job done by Hilary Barry and the rest of the 3 news team. Awesome job people. Awesome job.

A dear friend of mine Cassie Hart came up with a way for us writers to help. An anthology - it's intention to raise money for the victims of the quake.
Details here: Tales of Canterbury.
I'll keep y 'all posted on it's progress. :) (or alternatively you could follow Cassie's blog!)

The other thing that happened on Feb 22nd 2011 - I was interviewed by Clover Hill Book Reviews. A bit of light relief amidst the chaos New Zealand is struggling with.

Also... (but wait there's more!) killerbyte has been the #1 best selling suspense/thriller book on Mobipocket for 5 days. OMG! Ecstatic comes close to how I feel about that... which knowing the turmoil of the last 2 days is making for an interesting mix of highs and lows!

I've found myself thrashing my iPod - walking home from school, walking to school (not when I have Breezy with me but for those long walks without her company) and when I need to get away from the news for a little while - and while I'm waiting to hear from people.
Huge thank you to Lorenza Ponce - not only was she the first person to email us after the earthquake but her music is a welcome escape. :)
The other music getting a thrashing on the iPod is Modern West - which would be Kurt music, right?
Guess that means I'm going back to work mode - the 4th_Byte novel is with my fabulous editor... time to get into the next one. Gotta say I do like writing Kurt - he's got a lot of potential as a character.

So that's it... a mid-week blog, that hopefully isn't too gloomy, 'cos quite frankly there is enough horror in New Zealand right now, and I for one, need a distraction...
(Thank you, music!)

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