Tuesday, February 8, 2011


By Cat Connor – Author of Killerbyte and Terrorbyte
Hawk is hunting again.
SSA Conway is his nemesis – 
she wants justice and is determined he should keep his appointment with the electric chair.
He has taken too many children and killed too many people.

FBI Agent SSA Ellie Conway has decided it is time to step up and stop Hawk, not only to prevent the abduction of vulnerable children, but to avenge the murder of FBI Agent Mac Connelly.
The pursuit takes the Delta A to New Zealand, where Hawk has widened his net and increased his activity.
As the FBI team track him and investigate the disappearance of more children, a far more sinister reality emerges which demands the might of the Military, CIA, NCIS and the Russian FSB.
Exploiting her quirky intuition, together with help from an unlikely source, Ellie realizes she must heed the augury ‘it is all about the music.’

Exacerbyte is available from Amazon, Kalahari, Mobipocket, iTunes, Kobo and
on order from book stores.
ISBN:eBook: 978-0-9869731-5-4   ISBN:POD paperback: 978-0-9869731-6-1
Thriller/Suspense/Mystery/Detective : 448 pages :  8 x 5 ins paperback : US$ 16.99

‘After the gut-wrenching finish to Terrorbyte left me in tears, I had high expectations of what I can’t help but think of as Connor’s ‘difficult third album.’ (Hey, she’s the one who made it all about the music.) She didn’t let me down.  Exacerbyte had me crying quietly into my coffee, giggling out loud and holding my breath, sometimes at the same time.  A fantastically fun and entertaining series, which just keeps getting better.’

Exacerbyte by Cat Connor available now on Kindle. 
Other formats including paperback will be available from Feb 10th.

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