Friday, January 21, 2011

Where does the time go?

Seems I haven't blogged since Sunday and it's Friday already!
What happened to the week?

(Please ignore the date on the top of this blog -it lies. I have no idea why it lies but it's trying to force me to live in the past, and I'm not happy about it. Rest assured I am writing this on FRIDAY January 21 at 6:56 p.m. and not whatever bullshit date the blog is trying to say!)

So anyway... how have you been?

I've been pretty damn good. (Which is usual really - I tend to wander the line between pretty damn good and fabulous as a general rule.)

Have any of you been over to Un:Bound lately?  It's looking quite spiffy, don't you think?
Now there is a special thing (well lots of special things over at Un:Bound, but this is particularly dear to my heart), from this Sunday you can read some of my short stories over at Un:Bound.
How freaking cool is that??
I'm so excited!!
I'm sure you'll all hop over and say hi.... won't you?

Yeah you, tall guy leaning on the bar... I can see you and that chick you're hitting on. Looks like she's heard that line before. Give it up buddy - it's just embarrassing. Looks like you'll be free Sunday morning....

So come on over on and bring your mates.

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