Sunday, January 2, 2011

What we learned today...

True friends bring wine and appreciate honesty.

That was my lesson.

Jack had a few today too. He learnt to sit instead of jumping on me. (I think even he is tired of treats now - we've moved on to lots of pats and praise) His human mum wants to know how I managed the sit no jump thing - so she can keep it going when she gets home.

He learnt no couch for Jack.

And happily lay on the floor by my feet.

He learned when I say "Toilet" - it means I'm clipping on his leash and taking him out back. He headed off in front of me tonight and found his 'spot'.

Best of all when I brought him back inside he climbed into his bed and curled up while I said, "Goodnight Jack."

Feels like we're finally getting him to that place he needs to be at, so he can fulfill his doggy destiny... and he's so ready to please!

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