Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What comes before... music does!

It's Wednesday morning - 12/01/11 or if you're American 01/12/11 - either way it's mid January and the middle of the summer holidays.

I am lucky enough to have a good friend that allowed me to pick her brain regarding a new character in EXACERBYTE. Not only that, but she read for me and pointed out a few mistakes I'd made in relation to the new character.
We have never met. (Although these days that's less of a big deal - and I doubt meeting has any bearing on friendship these days. Distance doesn't make anyone less or more of a friend.)
We will meet, in April (all things willing!) when I'm in NYC. And I am really looking forward to it. - Of course the danger is I'll go all shy and not be able to speak! LOL

I know - I can hear the cogs whirring as y'all try to imagine me speechless. Trust me it happens, not often, but it does.

For me (yes, I have said this before) music is VITAL. I can't work without music but it can't be any old music - the radio is out!
 It has to be something that speaks to me, often a piece that is energizing and uplifting, but at the same time I need to have music that can ground me. Writing first person can sometimes be a tad traumatic and/or I can get lost in the story and have trouble extracting myself.

Hence - the chapter titles of my books are songs. They are reflective of the content of the chapter or for some reason it was the song that spoke the loudest as I was writing. (In both cases I would've listened to the song over and over while working.) The thing with the songs is - they come to me. I don't have to look for a particular song, it will have made itself known already.

Some songs remind me of particular books.

The song that says KILLERBYTE to me is: Take me Home Country Road - John Denver

TERRORBYTE is two songs, when I hear either of them I think of that book of my characters: Bounce - Bon Jovi and Real Life - Bon Jovi (couldn't find a link to the song, so it's the album link)

EXACERBYTE is Testify - Lorenza Ponce  from Soul Shifter  - in fact the entire album takes me back to the writing process and I really enjoy it.
(also: Let Me Be The One - Kevin Costner and Modern West. Go figure!)

FLASHBYTE is new and fresh and almost ready to meet my editor - The song that speaks the loudest is Thorn In My Side - Bon Jovi, it tries on occasion to overshadow - Superman 14 - Kevin Costner and Modern West.
At this stage the songs are jostling for position - but eventually they will settle. Or something else will take over as is beginning to happen now... Have you heard Turn it On by Kevin Costner and Modern West - yeah I do mean the entire album not just the previously spoken of song (Let me be the one). I've been working on some scenes toward the end of the FLASHBYTE and the songs are changing. That is the joy of writing and of music, it's fluid. This is the kind of fluid that makes a person's head spin... but sometimes that's what is needed.

As for the new book - the brand spanking new story that just emerged... Frost bite - Lorenza Ponce

You can find the play lists for both KILLERBYTE and TERRORBYTE on my website.

 The EXACERBYTE playlist. :)

(Am looking at my guitar - just looking at it makes my fingers hurt... but it's in tune, and I've played it a little bit, for the first time in years. Putting off this whole FLASHBYTE needs a song thing - I kinda have lyrics.)

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