Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday - huge potential! :)

It certainly started well.

A few things really came into their own yesterday - Admins had a great time on the Cat Connor Fan Page (a sign of things to come people, be afraid!) and a character of mine, SSA Kurt Henderson, started making his presence felt in a more persistent way. (Maybe it was me threatening to kill him off?)

I'm currently in a very disjointed nervy distracted place... pre-release. Emails flying back and forth between my editor and me with little things. Changing words here and there. Finalizing acknowledgment copy. A throw away sentence to explain something from a previous book. Fiddly stuff. Vital fiddly stuff but still it's fiddly.

This book, EXACERBYTE, is a little longer than the previous two. It's a hell of a story (How's that for tooting ones own horn? lol).

So anyway - it's almost there, it's awesome and some of it scares me, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Now for something totally random:
There are ice bullets in the freezer. (Also little ice Berretta M9's but they're over shadowed by the ice bullets - which in case you're wondering are 7.62 x 39 mm rounds, just like what an AK 47 would fire) And as Admin One likes to say... there's a story in that.)

Tuesday so far - listening to Turn it on by Kevin Costner and Modern West, drinking coffee, listening to what Kurt wants to tell me.
It's kinda funny - when I started working on EXACERBYTE, a song kept bugging me, every time Kurt came into a scene I would hear it. To the point where I couldn't keep watching the clip on YouTube... I needed to hear it so often. BUT - it was not available here. So I asked the band (as you do) if they had any idea when or if we'd get the album. But they didn't. So continued sucking bandwidth - listening to the music that was Kurt Henderson on the Modern West website. And finished the book. :)
(Each character seems to have their own music - which is interesting for me, but maybe not you!)
Then in Dec the long awaited album was released here.

Yesterday - the album took over. I was writing an explosive scene (literally) in FLASHBYTE... and Turn It On took over.
I heard Kevin Costner's voice and I saw Kurt - and the next scene played out in front of me. It's pretty cool to write that way, weird but cool.

How much did I laugh when Kurt delivered this line to Ellie?

Kurt’s voice almost became lost in my hair, “You’ve been hit in the head more times than Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves and you scare the shit out of me.” He hugged me hard then pulled back. “Thank God you are just as resilient.”
I smiled. “I have to go.”

And no, I won't tell you what happens next. But it's probably NOT what you think - this is me writing remember, nothing is as it seems. :)

Have an excellent Monday (for you slow folk) and Tuesday for the rest of us - and let me know how your weekend was. xx

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