Sunday, January 30, 2011

tomato sandwiches

That may well seem like an odd blog title... but I do love tomato sandwiches. So simple and fresh. Sliced tomato with salt and pepper sandwiched between fresh slices of buttered bread.
No need to add anything fancy. It is perfect as is.

We need to remember that simple things don't always need to be messed with we can enjoy them as they are.

Yesterday I was interviewed on the radio - which is both cool and fun. Was awesome to be heralded as 'Upper Hutt's very own Crime thriller author.'

What was even better - having my husband tell me that during the interview the kids were gathered about the radio in the dining room - like a scene from the forties. Not only that, but they were listening, they were loving the whole thing.
They can hear me anytime - but hearing me on the radio made them listen? lol

And another cool thing...

Both killerbyte and terrorbyte will be on the shelves in Upper Hutt library very soon - they are currently being processed. You'd better believe I will be visiting the library with my camera to get a shot of the books on the shelf!!

Groovy huh?


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