Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sharing the fun!

Most of Friday was spent in bed with a killer migraine so waking up Saturday with a minimal headache and very little migraine fog was awesome!

Husband has gone bush for the weekend. It looked like a fairly quiet weekend.

And then suddenly it wasn't any more!

A little after two o'clock people started arriving.
Michelle and Marek dropped over with ice-cream cupcakes for the girls. Half an hour later Tim and Dionne arrived with their kids and moments after that Rose arrived.
It was crowded in the dining room and noisy. The laughter alone was enough to probably scare the mad cat lady across the street. Then the Boy Wonder came home from playing basketball and added to the noise. :)
Michelle and Marek wandered off home eventually - the rest of us did fish and chips for dinner. (Thank you Tim!)
Then Kane arrived. (Come on, you remember Kane - aka Mac from my book trailers... yeah that's right!)

Quiet night - yeah, not so much.

Fun night - absofucnlutely!

So there was a little brain storming of titles.
Thus far - Tim and Rose are winning with Claribyte.

And during my migraine drugged stupor of Friday I did this... Cat Connor Merch

Tonight we all had a look at the products and it's become obvious that more are required. :) Such fun, as long as you don't mind a site that drives a person insane with it's slowness during the creation process. (I mind)

Honestly - who can resist those awesome badges/buttons?

I think you should grab yourself a few... don't you? They'd look great on that tote bag you carry.


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