Thursday, January 6, 2011

Revisiting some title choices.

Good morning!

I have started thinking about the titles of my Conway series books - yes, again! - and had to scour my blog for the post on titles. Turns out there are two.

So exactly what is an exabyte?

And, bits and bytes continued.

Every time a new novel idea crops up I think this question will follow.

The books in the Conway series to date are:
satellite (was going to be pedabyte but it doesn't work geek wise. See first post on such things above! and satellite doesn't work byte wise but it fits the story.)
ethernet (I haven't even got this far with the contemplating yet)

In case you haven't guessed the problem is - a new novel popped up - it's another Conway one.
There are diamonds in it or at least it starts with diamonds God knows where that will lead!
If I write it it will push Ethernet further out.
I say 'if' like I have a choice. It'll bug me until I do. Last night I wrote the opening few sentences and hooked myself. (Which is important - if I'm not interested in seeing where the story goes, there is no point me writing it. lol)

So what does the word diamond mean?
It means 'unbreakable'

And that opens up many words for butchering - so far all of them crappy.

I'm going to have to ponder on this some more.

Suggestions are welcome.

(I'm pretty sure that soon I am going to write a book titled snakebyte and it'll feature tequila! And psychabyte has huge potential - Dionne liked Psychobyte but I think the a works better. It rolls easier of the tongue.)

Right then back to watching some early morning cartoons with the small one - who may be getting sick -someone was coughing lat night and I don't think it was Squealer. (If Breezy is getting sick it would account for her tiredness and grumpiness of the last few days - she's usually a happy bouncy kid.)


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