Monday, January 3, 2011


Which is entirely different to writers block (which is a mythical creature).

I said I would write a Conway short for January and I shall. Just not sure that the story that has emerged is the one I want to use. Seems Ellie has definite ideas... and that NCIS agent her father trained has a few too.

I'm not inclined to use their ideas at this point though.

I say that - but I think we all know the reason for the procrastination is that it's going to be another Gerrard and Conway story - and it'll have something to do with Mac. (or will it??)

The day looks like this:
It's hot here.
We like that in a summer.
The kids are playing nicely.
We like that in children.
The doggie beastie is asleep in his bed.
We like that in a dog.
The cat is asleep on the rabbit cage.
We like that in a cat.
The rabbit is asleep in her cage.
It's the absolute best place for a rabbit to be!
The husband is playing WoW.
He's in his happy place - we like that in a husband.
The Boy Wonder is playing Xbox.
All seems fairly normal here!
There is a chicken waiting for me to make stuffing.
so I should go do that! :)

This story will write itself regardless of how much resistance I toss at it.

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