Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's Sunday afternoon

It is. Or it is as I write this. :)

I went to write an Ellie blog but IE flipped out. I don't use Chrome for her blogs as signing her in screws my log in's to everything. So I figured I'd set her blog up using IE. It's not such a working thing.
IE can't seem to open Blogger half the time, never remembers the password - despite being told too, the tabs don't work properly. NO spell checker. WTF? Seriously who thought that was a good idea?? It's a bad bad scene. Now I remember why I dislike IE. :)

So - Ellie's blog is now going to have to wait until I have more patience.

Meanwhile - how are y'all?

I'm quite fabulous.

This morning I designed the template invitation for the EXACERBYTE release party. Then got very annoyed with it (Low patience day) and sent it to Admin Bubbles along with a list of names. The whole invite thing is going to work better as an Admin job  task. :)

So last week was interesting. The following events took place last week.
1. Lorenza finished EXACERBYTE and sent me her input. (Am so very grateful to have such a fantastic and talented friend.)
2. Adele finished EXACERBYTE and sent me a preview to the first review. (Seems my panicking over the 3rd book was silly. Whew. Y'all will see the review a week before EB comes out.)
3. I finished making suggested changes and sent mss to my editor.
4. My editor came back from holiday - hooray!! I did miss her emails.
5. Caught up with old friends. (Not age wise, I'll have you know - time wise) And I wish we'd had longer. Next time Sues!! -
6. The girls and I went to Staglands with Eric and his family. Had an awesome time.
7. Had dinner with good friends and drank too much Dolcetto.
8. Got some writing done in the new Conway thriller. (Claribyte)
9. Did a heap of research.
10. Successfully bought swimming togs for Breezy. Proper ones - not the skanky slutty horrible things that seem to be on offer for little girls. (That's not cool people.)
11. Caught up with another old friend (see above - we're all over 21 and after that age is irrelevant) - and found out that he's out there making a difference to peoples lives. Now that is AWESOME.
12. Designed the template for invitations.
13.And now I chill and cook a HUGE dinner for my family.

How was your week??
Yes, I do want to know. :)

Love you long time xx


Anonymous said...

What a lovely week you seem to have had! Mine was less than what I hoped for, but I did manage to rearrange all the furniture in my room over the weekend. So I'm basking in glory for that achievement ;)

In case you don't mind a suggestion:
Have you considered installing Google Chrome Canary Build? I myself hate IE and am very satisfied with juggling Chrome and Canary at the moment depending on what I need to do.
(I use Chrome for my usual everyday use, blog, FB, etc. and Canary for the business blog stuff.)

Karen from Mentor said...

I went to a charity music event yesterday that we were lucky to snag a seat because the fire marshall would have been very very displeased at how many folks were in this room....

I can hardly talk today, but it was totally worth it.

[not sure how I wound up with this tattoo though]

oh and I thought you said you were going to cook chilli for the family. Now I want chilli.

*tummy grumbles*

Cat Connor said...

Estrella: I love rearranging furniture!! Will def look into canary build for Ellie's stuff! Thank you. :)

Karen - I made Moussaka Saturday night and did a huge roast chicken on Sunday night! :)
Can you talk yet?? :D xx

I see you...

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