Saturday, December 11, 2010

You've gotta know when to fold 'em...

Ya do.
You also have to know when to stand your ground and know when to come out shooting. (And always have spare magazines.)

I think y'all remember my recent disappointment at having the cover I loved changed without consultation to something that made no sense to me or the story?
I made a decision when I saw the new cover (not detracting from how beautiful it was at all, it's stunning, it just doesn't work for MY book.) to fight it. The cover of a book is too important for me to let it go.

So fight it I did.

And a wise man (Mike) reinforced that I was doing the right thing. I knew it already, because the cover felt so wrong I couldn't move past it.

I got an email this morning from my fabulous editor saying they'd asked Jacques (the long suffering completely brilliant artist whom I adore) to re-design the cover. Jayne also shared the brief with me. The important things to me are the music, the butterflies, the Glock and the badge. It sounds like it'll work this time.
No stupid cell phone, no cool photos, no numbers for anyone to bitch about.

So, now I wait.

I know it's done. I just have to wait for Jayne to show it to me.

The waiting is killing me!!

Tomorrow would be good - would be nice to be able to announce my new cover on my birthday. :)

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