Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What a weekend!

In all honesty I can say - Thank God the weekend is well over.

The joy of Bon Jovi in concert on Saturday night was overshadowed by the next two days being filled with traumatic events and sheer stupidity.
 Even Breezy's wonderful 5th birthday was overshadowed and has slipped into the abyss. But because she's adorable: here is a birthday pic for you.

On Saturday night (while I was at the concert) husband discovered approximately 5 sleeping pills missing from his prescription. The ridiculous thing is - 1. Our kids didn't know daddy had sleeping pills. 2. They don't go in our room without us being there. 3. They were out with us for most of the day on Saturday. 4. No one opens daddy's draws, and Breezy cannot see into the top draw that the pills were in. The Scotch dresser is way too high for her. 5. Squealer has to take medication every day and HATES PILLS. It's a struggle to get her to take them. 6. They're bright fucn blue, one of us would have seen them somewhere. 7. The Boy Wonder (who had no clue dad had any kind of pills) was in a hotel from Friday afternoon, he didn't get home until Sunday midday.

But wait there is more:

Monday morning: Dionne went to set out the bangles she's made as gifts for people (Christmas gifts, each bangle unique and irreplaceable) one was missing. We searched the house. Stripped the couches down, pulled bookcases out, went through the kids rooms in case someone had played with it. Highly unlikely as knew they were getting their own.

Then husband rang and told me of the sleeping pill incident (he searched all Sunday thinking they'd somehow fallen from the bottle?) I too went and looked through his drawer. We'd had other traumatic thinks to deal with on Sunday night. I had a stinking headache which threatened to spin into a migraine....so I grabbed my satchel and took the first aid kit out of it. (Clear plastic Elmo bag, that is always closed - it was open.) On Thursday before the school trip I added two Mersyndol tablets and two nurophen to the first aid kit, still in the bubbles that came in. They were gone. I didn't take 'em. Breezy cannot open the clasp on my satchel. No one ever goes into my bag.

You can imagine the cold dread that was crawling through me by now.

I tipped everything out of my bag and searched. I searched my small hand bag - just in case I took the pills to the concert. (when you get migraines it's good to be prepared) They were gone.

So we now had 7 dangerous tablets missing and 2 nurophen. Plus an irreplaceable bangle.

I'm at a loss to explain how things like this could possible have walked out of our house unaided.

I know for a fact that the pills did not walk away during the birthday party, they were already gone. They disappeared while we were out on Saturday or possibly Friday. I don't know what's more disgusting, that someone stole pills and a bangle - or the violation of having someone go through our drawers or the violation of our trust.
Either way - you can bet, Dionne, Mum and I all felt pretty damn sick yesterday.

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