Saturday, December 18, 2010

A very cool pen!

So this week, husband purchased a really cool pen.

<<< This is it.

Doesn't look any different from any other pen really. except if you look very closely just above the clip you can see a tiny lens.

The pen takes very clear video with audio and still pictures.

Cool huh?

Of course it's necessary - how rude of you to assume this is just some super cool gadget!! In book 4 (FLASHBYTE) Ellie uses a similar pen to 'over hear' a conversation. See? Necessary. I suppose I could say I needed it for the fourth book trailer... but really I just wanted to know how good they are, and how much the camera sees. :)

Currently my pen is charging - it cut out last night while I was sneakily videoing Tim - by sneakily I mean standing by the table holding the pen in my hand - pointed directly at him. After reviewing the video this morning - I have come to the following conclusions:
1. Tim is hilarious when drunk.
2. Low light is not so good for videoing with spy pen.
3. It would've been better to lie pen down (or put it in pen cup) rather than hold onto it. (I may have had a few glasses of wine myself...which didn't do wonders for the stability.)
4. I really love the spy pen.
5. Big brother is everywhere even in my handbag disguised as an innocent pen.
6. Yes, you can write with it, and it writes smoothly.

In completely unrelated news:
I have EXACERBYTE back - changes all good, and a couple of things to mull over or was it just one....? But in all seriousness my editor and I both know I'm not changing 'impeccable gayness'. It's such an Ellie term, it must stay. :)

That is all.


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