Monday, December 13, 2010

A new week!

Well I survived my birthday. Mostly enjoyed it too. :)

And now it's on with the crazy week ahead. Christmas looms - but first there are things that need doing.

I have my last round of edits back from the lovely Jayne. She needs the ms back by Dec 20th. No problem really. I've already read it through. I did that last night. I have read, laughed, groaned and generally enjoyed each comment planted by Jayne. There isn't much to do. And I found myself feeling a tad smart-assed and adding to one scene already... one that funnily enough required some extra smartass. Let me pause and apologize to Sam, because the smartass was at his expense and quite frankly he's a fabulous character and puts up with a lot from Ellie... and now even more. :)

I suspect I can get the edits done by the end of the day - or I could if I had nothing else to do. But it's crazy week!

My birthday is over and that heralds full on Christmas/end of year prep! Yesterday husband put the tree up and decorated it. every year the kids do the tree, but this year I put him in charge. It's done, and looks quite fab!

Breezy's kindy celebration is on Thursday. Her last day ever at kindy is Friday. Also, Friday is the morning I am doing a radio interview.

Between now and Thursday I have to finish the shopping, get the turkey etc. Get the chippies or whatever Breezy wants to give out at kindy on Thursday. Find out when Squealer finishes school - if it's Thursday, awesome! Because Breezy wants us all at kindy to see her jump off the chair. (It's the jump to school.) If it's not Thursday I will get the Boy Wonder to break her out of class! :)

Also - printer needs ink, so must remember to order that and anything else I need (like batteries for toys etc) from work before Chris finishes for the year!

And someone needs to wrap gifts!!!

Can't leave anything until Christmas week as the 22 and 23rd are hospital days with Squealer. Massive amounts of testing is being undertaken to find out how the child really thinks and exactly where she is in regards to the ASD spectrum. We will have the results on Dec 31st.

Also - she's due for a medical review. I can't get into her pediatrician until our next visit in March, the review is due by Feb 22. After a few phone calls it was decided that our GP can do it. So I shall make an appt with him for next Monday or Tuesday - as long as I get the paper work by then!!

So there you have it. the week for me - so far. It's 6:30 Monday morning so there is plenty of time for more stuff to creep in.

Oh and - should have a cover to share shortly.
Everything's been moved along - EXACERBYTE is slated for release on Feb 10!


Basta Fuerte said...

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We read, greetings.

hagelrat said...

yay!! release date!! woooot!!!

Cat Connor said...

I know!! Woot!!! If all goes well and everything comes together (which by the look of the VERY few things I need address in the ms, it will) then you get to enjoy EXACERBYTE a full month earlier than first thought!!
Yay for Feb instead of March!


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