Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Made it to Wednesday - feels like freedom

Yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough to spend some time with an old friend. There aren't many people from college that I'd ever want to catch up with, in fact the number is very low.
But seeing Mike was awesome. He was always one of the nice guys. Still is. Next time he comes over we'll have to do dinner and extend the visit!

Moving right along.

There is a new interview out today. No, not one of my interrogations... this time I was interviewed. You can find it here. Lorna Suzuki: All kinds of writing.
If you'd ever wondered if I get writer's block - the answer is there. (Plus what to do if you are crap!)

Other news... watch this space. (No really - just sit there really still and watch, cos sometime after the weekend there just might be something to share.)

Have y'all read the new Conway Christmas short yet? (When I say all, I am referring to those people who have read terrorbyte, otherwise y'all will whine about the spoilers... yes, I know you that well.)

At the moment I am waiting for the beautiful and extremely talented Lorenza Ponce to finish reading EXACERBYTE. She had the dubious honor of being my goto person for a new character and stuff way out of my comfort zone. Hopefully I got it right! :)

It occurs to me that some acknowledgments need to be written. I shall finish those today.

Just quickly: I just had a phone call from Radio Hamilton - I will be interviewed next Friday (17th) by them. How much fun will that be?? - yes, it's rhetorical. I think we all know it will be enormous fun!

Right - kindy and school await. Only 8 days of school left before the summer holidays. :)

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