Thursday, December 9, 2010

Living on a Prayer?

I thought last week was busy - but I hadn't met this week yet!

It's Thursday already - in fact it's heading into Thursday evening. I still need to make two deserts for tomorrow night. My energy level is at an all time low!
I suspect listening to Living on a Prayer is not helping, might have to switch it out for Bounce! Or maybe I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.

Breezy had a school visit this morning. It wasn't a long one. She hit her head on a peg in the cloak room right before morning tea and that pretty much ended the visit. (She has a small mark on her head, but was more upset than hurt.)
We came home to discover there was no water! Oh joy. The Boy Wonder came with us to town. Seemed more sensible than hanging around without water! (no water = no coffee) We went up and visited Beck and the boys. Shopped for shoes for Conman - who hated every shoe that went near him. He eventually was persuaded by blue sneakers.

I did something out of character (and I'm not proud of it)... I bought a Girlfriend magazine. It came with a bunch of goodies which was cool, most of it I gave to Beck - but the magazines are for me and Dionne.
Oh the decoupaging joy that's held between those glossy covers!!
We're still not over the whole decoupage bangle making thing. You can expect to see some of our unique bangles on Trademe in the New Year.

Lorenza Ponce's new website is now up and running! It's fabulous! (We particularly like the Merch page - click Unisex tee shirt pic and you'll see why! How cute is my Breezy?? ;))  AND - it's now super easy to buy Lorenza's CD's etc. I just bought Mystic Fiddler for Breezy to go with her Soul Shifter CD. It's part of her Christmas present but as she's just turned 5 and can't yet read my blog, it'll still be a surprise!! lol

Meanwhile - I really need to go make trifle and choc chip log. :)

How's your day been?

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