Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I had a blog idea then it blew away

Really, it did.
I opened blogger intent on actually saying something but then the willow tree next door lost three big branches and the big red bin fell over outside.

It's windy.

Breezy is whiny.

Windows media player SUCKS. It's forever 'not responding'. I find that monumentally annoying... am tempted to go back to Real Player. I do miss my dancing sheep. BUT I can't be bothered with the whole wanting to update bullshit every time I try to play music. Such a dilemma. Maybe I'll just reinstall media player on my desktop and see if that fixes it's issues? It only has problems on my desktop PC. Media player on my laptop works just fine... could it be the difference between crappy Vista on the desktop and beautiful Windows 7 on the laptop??

Yesterday we swapped Breezy for Deaglan - was so peaceful. There was no one winding Squealer up or for Squealer to nag at.
Today is utter shite. Squealer is driving me up the wall - her constant turning up of the stereo is really getting up my nose - I now have the remote next to me. And Breezy is just plain annoying. I get that the weather is crapola and they can't go outside - but didn't they just have Christmas? Aren't there a MILLION new toys up in their room???
Then why oh why do they have to be down here annoying me???

I think it's time two girls went and CLEANED their room.

Yes I do.

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