Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flash drives are simply joy.

I think I'm way past letting my inner geek out so no one should be overly surprised at my joy of 6 shiny new flash drives. (It's 7 if you count the 16 gig one husband gave me before Christmas -but we're not counting that one.)

I came up with a quite spectacular idea... each Conway novel requires it's own flash drive. (as well as being backed up to my external drive and living on the hard drive of both the desk top PC and my laptop.)
It just makes better sense to have EVERYTHING pertaining to each book on one easy to access and move around flash drive. Color coded of course.

That was the hard bit.
I wanted 6 drives (actually 7 but could only get 6 in the end) of different colors but preferably the same type of drive. I like things tidy - I wanted the same drives all hanging tidily from my key chain not messy odds and sods. It looked like a near impossible task two days ago.

Today husband stopped at Bond and Bond on our way to the mall. He told a lovely woman who worked there that we wanted 7, 4 gig drives, but only really wanted to pay $10 each for them (as we needed so many) and then sprung the, "We'd like them all different colors." thing on her.
She could do us 6 different colors for $13 each. Sold!
What's more when I got home and started the tidying process... I discovered that two of the drives were originally $20 but the other 4 were $35. No clue how that worked as they were the same brand and size. (Maybe silver and black are cheap colors??)
Bond and Bond in Lower Hutt - you rock!

So far: killerbyte, terrorbyte, exacerbyte and flashbyte have their own flash drives. YAY. Next I will gather all the Conway short stories and drop them on a flash drive... an older one that will now be freed up with the reshuffling of research, edits, covers, reviews etc!

So very cool.

Of course now I need to find a key chain. :)

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