Friday, December 3, 2010


Here you have it. The promised cover of the third Conway book.

The original Polaroids with hotel door numbers and the musical notation that became ghostly butterflies has gone.

Anyone want a bunch of postcards with the original cover? Cos I have a few that I apparently can't use now. (not to mention the poster, magnets and tee shirt.)
This is what happens when the lines of communication break down - now I have a bunch of stuff I can't use. And I'm pissed.

No doubt I will get over it.

No doubt I will come to love this cover too, like I do the other two.
But it's NOT my vision any more, and I've lost my music. I WANTED THE MUSIC dammit.


SARA J. HENRY said...

Use 'em anyway, Cat. It's not as if the TITLE changed - your promotional stuff will still work, even if the cover is different.

Cat Connor said...

Thanks for being the voice of reason Sara! :)

I see you...

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