Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day craziness

Christmas day was wonderful. Full of joy, noise, food, chocolate and good company.

At some stage today I will clean the house and return order to chaos. At some stage!

It will probably be soon as the state of the floor is driving me nuts already. :)

We ventured forth to the mall today. Breezy was given a pair of denim shorts - they were gorgeous but two sizes to small. Those particular knee length shorts don't come in a size 7. So I got her skinny jeans and a tee shirt. Breezy HATES the jeans. She wanted shorts. Bugger. Here's hoping she comes around later on. She also got two cute long top/dresses to wear with leggings.

Ray just walked by me with a bowl piled high with leftover desserts! (yes that's plural, he had at least three types int he bowl.)

In another news:
Someone borrowed the Heretaunga College library copy of KILLERBYTE and didn't return it. This oddly thrills me. (It could mean my books are worth stealing! - I'd prefer to think that rather than that some lazy little bastard couldn't be bothered returning it.)
But seriously - you know who you are... give it back so others can enjoy it too.

There have been a lot of earthquakes in Christchurch today and some have caused more damage. So not cool, Mother Nature! Sort it out.

Well I'm off to clean this house!!!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas.

Cat xx

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