Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthdays and the non-relevance of age

and possibly the consumption of tequila shots followed by margaritas has made me slightly philosophical?

Wouldn't it be great to blame the snake bites? But really Dionne and I were discussing this way before the drinking... in fact while we were walking in stinking hot sun, near the end of a 5 km walk. I guess it could've been the sun?

So anyway I might just put it all down to the stress of a non-relevant cover which has pissed me off. Ya see (excuse me while I digress) I had TWO cover ideas, both of which I communicated to my publisher (twice) and the artist responsible for creating the cover.
Let's delve into those two covers shall we:
1. Polaroid photo's of hotel door number, musical notation swirling or becoming in some way butterflies. - the not negotiable aspects are the font, title, badge and gun.
2. A microphone stand with mic (was thinking a white stand because it would stand out in a glaring way on the black) with musical notation swirling around it and flying off while becoming butterflies.

BOTH relevant to the story. A cell phone is not. A cell phone with 911 is most certainly not. The emergency number in NZ is 111, and even if the numbers were 111 it would not be relevant.
The hotel numbers ARE relevant, the photos are RELEVANT - the killer in the book leaves all sorts of photos and does so from the FIRST chapter.
The whole story deals with music, not just in Ellie's head but all around her.

Okay so I digressed due to being freaking annoyed about the new cover, didn't say it's not awesome - I am saying it's not relevant to the story.

And to get back to what Dionne and I discussed.
We have decided that age is irrelevant. From now on we will be "over 21" in all situations. Any more than that is irrelevant (and just at the moment I can't tolerate irrelevance). As long as you're old enough to drink in every country in the world what does it matter how much over 21 anyone is?
Well it doesn't does it?
Why do people want to keep count anyway...?

Oh and this is cool... Best eBooks of 2010


Karen from Mentor said...

"Over 21" works for me. But for preference? I'd prefer anybody I'm thinking of being across the table from for dinner and breakfast in the same 24 hour period to be over 31.
[but that's just me]

Sorry about the cover luv.

*hugs you*

SARA J. HENRY said...

I do urge you to fight for the cover you want and the one that suits your book. Even to me the 911 on the cell phone doesn't make sense - dialed numbers don't appear that large anyway.

My original cover for my novel would NOT have worked - we pushed for a change, and got it. Stick to your guns.

Cat Connor said...

I'm fighting! (You know me!!)
Got the musical notations back now. :)

Am waiting on an answer as to why they chose a cell phone and why the numbers are on it.

I see you...

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