Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Tuesday surprise.

I suspect the universe decided... why limit surprises to mid-week or Saturday? Because it's Tuesday, a most unsurprising day, usually.

So with the universe mixing it up a little... seems we all should. :)

This is what I found this morning... although found implies I was looking and in fact I let Google do the looking for me. I just click on links it tosses my way. (Passive searching?)

Crime Watch

Of course you aren't obliged to follow that link... but I cannot promise there won't be a pop quiz later. Do you want to be unprepared? Really, you wanna go there?

Other news: I hear (from Jacques himself) that he is working on the EXACERBYTE cover. I know- super exciting. Squeeee!!!

Yesterday a box of body parts arrived. I got Dionne to open it, cos I didn't wanna. They're gross. Truly gross. You'll see when the EXACERBYTE trailer is finished.

Breezy starts school visits this week... no entirely sure what days we're going to do, looks like Thursday and maybe Friday at this stage. I am not sure I like this 'almost ready for school thing'. Seems my days of being the most important and influential person in her life are almost over.
My baby is growing up. I don't much care for it.

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