Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes computers just piss me off

They do!

Yesterday I spent ages trying to get a set of "share" buttons to show up in my blog. You just click the box... well no amount of clicking the stupid box made the slightest bit of difference. (I even cleared my cache etc) NOTHING. Thing still would not show up.
As far as I know it still hasn't.

In the end I gave up. I also had a migraine and still do.

Apart from that annoyance, yesterday was a frustrating day.

I have a glorious new cover - I love it. It's exactly what I envisaged in my mind. It's like Jacques took the images right out of my head. I saw it for the first time on Tuesday night. It's Thursday now. I'd love to show you but I can't, I haven't heard from the powers-that-be.
There was an argument made, that a particular number is controversial. Well it isn't. It's a number on a door. And so far everyone who has seen it went to the "emergency number" place - once I pushed them past it being a number on a door.
And quite frankly even if it was, so what?
It's a book cover, the entire point is to represent the contents and CATCH people's attention. It does that. In fact it does that in spades.
The cover is dark - a perfect fit for how Ellie is feeling after TERRORBYTE!  And I love the musical notations that become smoky ghostly butterflies.

On to more interesting and less stressful news...
Have you seen this?

Today is Breezy's first school visit. No kindy today. She spends two hours at school in the new entrant class. I'm not sure whether I stay or not. Guess we'll find out. Looks like I'll be reacquainting myself with the graveyard across the road from the school... if I don't need to stay! It's a better option than walking all the way home and back. Notebook, iPod, and a coffee in the graveyard works for me.

Hope y'all are having a good week.

Don't forget tomorrow is interrogation day. And it's a good one too!! :)

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