Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Living on a Prayer - killing on a whim

Got your attention now?
Thought I might.

So anyway welcome to Wednesday. My Wednesday.

It's been pretty good... yesterday Dionne and I made the creepy freaky funny dolls. (And that sparked a horrid book idea, and yeah, it's gotta be another Ellie Conway book!)

In case you missed the dolls let me snap a pic for ya.

Creepy Cute enough for ya?

As I was saying Dionne and I made them. Breezy immediately claimed Jovi. And then asked if I could make a Lorenza doll. I told her she'd have to wait for the doll making book to arrive. Cos, well, Lorenza needs to be beautiful and not creepy scary. She agreed, whew!

The book arrived in today's mail.

I want to make an Ellie Conway doll... but I think I have to make Lorenza first or small person will be come small nagging person.

So enough with the creepy dolls.

Am reading through EXACERBYTE to check I got everything before I send the ms back to my editor. Woot!!

Gotta say this week feels a bit weird, (not doll weird), with Joanie gone from Rebel everything feels a bit up in the air. I know there is no reason for it to, but it just does.

My shoulder has thrown a fit. It's a tad annoying. It happens every now and then. Blaming the Ab King Pro - or Squealer.

Apart from the reading of EXACERBYTE. I'm working on the second draft (big fat fallacy) of FLASHBYTE. And I'm loving it. It's so much fun it should be illegal. :)


Phil said...

Looks like the orcs & trolls aren't the only scary things in NZ!

Cat Connor said...

What are you implying Phil? :D

Karen from Mentor said...

You could rob a bank for writing research -
[to make it illegal]
AND it would still be fun.

*I'm helping*

and yep. Creepy dolls. Creeeeeepy.

Ha! my word verification : poliz

[they're everywhere Cat]

Cat Connor said...

Rob a bank you say? Research... well crikey Karen, if a Bon Jovi concert is research, why on earth not? :)

Okay maybe the jump from a concert to bank robbery is a big one... and anyone how do you know there is a bank robbery in book 4? You been spying again??? *looks for cameras*

I see you...

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