Friday, November 5, 2010

The interrogation of Hagelrat (aka Adele)

I'd like you all to join with me in welcoming UnBound!'s own Hagelrat to our weekly interrogations! I was keen on using rats in the torture  interview but she loves them! Have settled with suspending Cadbury chocolates just out of reach of the wooden chair she's taped too. (Oh, Duct tape how much do I love you?)
 Seems Ms Hagelrat likes snakes too. I wonder if she feeds the rats to the snake...

Sit back and enjoy the interrogation of Hagelrat.

 Cat: What’s your favorite type of takeaway?
Oh that’s too easy. Pizza, pepperoni, deep pan and preferably oozing cheese from the crust. Mmmm. For a really perfect take out, you share the pizza and have an excuse to order loads of sides too. Also, get pudding. Even if you have to wait a few hours before you can cram it in.

 Cat: Describe your current mental status.
Hahahaha. No. Seriously? Umm. Well, I’m doing this just after the gym session so fairly peaceful right now, although the working day is about to start so it won’t last. I will descend quickly into either boredom or madness depending on how the day goes. Madness is preferable.

Cat: Do you have a favorite coffee?
I do. I love any drinkable coffee, but the house blend at the Brahma tea and coffee museum in London has always been my favourite. Although I only get it about once every three or four years but It’s wonderfully rich and strong. My every day instant is Alta Rica, it’s not spectacular but it’s serviceable and there are many worse instant coffees. I love iced coffee and the ridiculously sweet iced latte efforts you get in the franchises. Of the franchises I reckon Nero does the best coffee.

Cat: how did you start reviewing and how much do you love it?
Ah down to business. That was sneaky Cat. Ok, I started partly because I wondered how much I read and how many books I’d forgotten ever reading. When I discovered the community of book bloggers (which was somewhat smaller even a couple of years ago) I started to take it more seriously. How much do I love it? With an all consuming passion. J Seriously, I have an obsessive streak and this has tapped right into it. It’s almost a second full time job at times and all my holidays this year have been for events or blog related activities. I do neglect other areas of my life for it, but I’m not sure I can stop.

 Cat: Walk us through a typical day. (Do you make sure you’re wearing your lucky underpants before you sit down to write, or perhaps you prefer commando? While we’re discussing your underpants, thong, granny pants, boy-leg, something totally sensible in black and cotton?… inquiring minds want to know. (Okay so it was friend Dionne who wanted to know –I think she’s quietly collecting underpants stories.)
Typical day? Up at 5:15, gym for 6:30, work for 8ish, do transport stuff till 4pm then head home. Evening, I usually settle in on the sofa with my laptop, cats and a book. If I have a lot to do I retreat to the office/dining room but mostly I work on the sofa. No underpants for reviewing, I tend to change into my PJ’s the minute I get in the house. Enquiring minds will have to call round if they want to know more.

Cat: Who would you turn gay for?
Mostly I lust after Angelina Jolie, but every time I watch an Audrey Hepburn movie I fall in love with her again. My weaknesses are for charismatic women, beautiful men and cadbury’s chocolate, not necessarily in that order.

Cat: Who are your favorite writers?
Favourite as people or favourite as writers? Either way, evil question. I always say Clive Barker because he’s been at the top since I was 13 and discovered NightBreed was a book too! Beyond that it gets much harder. I have particular books or series I love and authors I trust to always deliver, but it’s getting harder to have favourites these days because I am reading so many books that I love. If I name a few who have stood out recently for some reason I will immediately be attacked by guilt for all the awesome people I missed. Cop out I know.

Cat: Most favorite genre of all?
Oh that varies tremendously on mood. I guess I like the books that push a little outside the usual genre tropes and give me something I wasn’t expecting. I’m reading more crime and thriller these days and I’m really enjoying that, but I think I could never give up fantasy.

Cat: Who inspires you to do better?
The blogosphere is full of really good reviewers and the community was always a support and a reason to keep going. Really thought it’s my own team that make me feel I have to do better. As the guys have come on board to help keep Un:Bound busy and fun, I’ve felt that I need up my game. They keep the site from becoming a burden to maintain and they put up fantastic content so I am always trying to keep up and make my own contributions equal theirs in quality and enthusiasm. I love the team, they are all absolutely awesome and brilliant and I’m hugely grateful to the time and energy they invest.

Cat: Do you ever put pants on your cats? (and if so are there pictures?)
*snort* Umm. No. I have never put anything on my cats. Sorry. I do occasionally try to shove books under their paws though. I probably have some photos of that.

Cat: Describe your ultimate day?
That would be the day I take over the world. Seriously? I love the slightly unreal days, the ones you couldn’t live like. Event weekends are like that, manic, long, surreal. Otherwise, mooching about doing very little of anything constructive, watching movies, reading. You know, the lazy Sunday days. I don’t get that many of those but they are bliss.

Cat: Who is your favorite fictitious villain? Or are you all about the hero? Who do you love to hate?
Oh I love a good villain. In film any villain Alan Rickman plays is about my idea of perfect villainy. In books, I always root for the villain if the hero is being wet, so needless to say I was rooting for James in the first Twilight book (I’ve not read the rest). I get frustrated when villains are defeated essentially because they are being idiots, I like a smart villain like Moriarty. 

 Cat: Do you have any quirks? (There it is the most dangerous question of all!)
I expect I have plenty. Can I phone a friend? Actually I’m not sure I want to hear that many. I will own up to snoring. I’ve been accused of being flighty and occasional ridiculous vanity. Oh I talk to myself and my technology and I name all my tech (the present theme is the Alan Moore comics, Top Ten). I used to keep rats and they were mostly named after sci fi shows (Quantum Leap, Flash Gordon, Lexx, Matrix). My cats are named for Joss Whedon characters (Echo & river).

Cat: All-time favorite movie and why?
The Princess Bride. Seriously do I even need to explain that choice? It’s brilliant.

Cat: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
Boringly I quite like living in the UK. I’m not sure I would want to move anywhere else permanently. NZ always sounds good, lots of open space appeals. 

Cat: What is one thing you know about New Zealand?  (Do not mention LOTR. I hates it… I hates it my precious, not impressed by hobbits or trolls either.)
I know most of Xena was filmed there. Can I mention sheep? Obviously I know everything you know now because I have been bugging your home for months.

 Cat: What’s the worst book you have ever read
Probably something dreadful they made us read for school. Z for Zachariah perhaps. That was dreary and fairly poor.

Cat: Name a book you’ve read more than five times.
Just one? Weaveworld, Clive Barker.

Cat: Any books you just couldn’t finish? Do you toss them or hand them on to others? (I confess to having thrown a few across the room because they were so awful!)
Ha, well, if I’m not enjoying it I don’t finish it, so loads. Not always because they are bad, but just that they don’t do anything for me. Sometimes I pass them on, sometimes they go in the charity bag. I couldn’t finish Half the Yellow Sun which was a book group choice and I didn’t even get as far as starting The Old Man and the sea. You won’t see many negative reviews from me for the simple reason that my TBR pile occupies two sets of bookshelves so if I’m not enjoying it I move on.

Cat: What was your favorite book from childhood?
Fantastic Mr Fox. I shouldn’t love it so much, being a farm girl and well aware of the destruction they cause, but I love that book. I love the humour in it. I still have the same copy, now coverless and somewhat old and weary but I still read it from time to time.

Cat: How many books do you read a month?
Varies wildly. Some months I will read ten to fifteen, others three or four. Just depends what I’m reading and what else is going on. I read just over 100 books last year so it evens out.

Cat: What is the most random thing you have ever read and reviewed? (cereal box perhaps?)
A book of football photography for Leicester City Football Club. It’s by a friend of mine and he takes gorgeous pictures so I couldn’t resist. Honestly I couldn’t be less interested in football but the images are incredible. Plumb is a very talented guy and I think I was as excited about him having a book out as he was.

Cat: If you’re not reading, what are you most likely to be doing?
Tweeting. If I’m not reading it’s because I’m too busy talking (in person, online, whatever), or sleeping, driving or dead. Oh I suppose the day job gets in the way too.

Thanks for having me. J

Thank you,  for being such a good sport... now, if I cut the tape and let you free do you think you will save me any chocolates?? 


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nope, the chocolate is all mine!

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