Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Heading into the silly season...

From here on in it starts to get crazy busy for me. Which of course is the appropriate time for me to decide to learn something new and reacquaint myself with an early love. That's right, because I am already stupidly busy - let's add more?

At the moment I am resisting the urge to go dig my guitar out of the closet. (It's in the girls room, I think - not exactly easy to get too.) Ya see, every now and then the urge to play comes over me. I can feel it simmering away. It might have to simmer some more yet! (Not sure I have the strength to move furniture today.)

Then there was the weekend dalliance into decoupage. Which was fun, and possibly just a little bit mad. But the upshot was a cool pair of sneakers... which will probably last the Bon Jovi concert (If I don't wear my boots... and quite frankly I LOVE my boots) before they crack completely and the front falls away to reveal plain white underneath.
So that was the weekend.

Today I finished a Christmas story which will be available here next week. (Yes you are lucky, and you're welcome!)

I'm starting to get organised for Breezy's 5th birthday party/BBQ.

Lot's to do between now and then though: Squealer has her big assessment on Friday - we may finally figure out how she thinks. I get to catch up with an old friend - (I'm not gonna tell you when I last saw him, let's just say it's been a long time since high school). Then we have house guests arriving, and the Wellington Bon Jovi concert, more house guests arriving, Breezy's birthday, and over the few days after that people start heading home! Whew!!

So, it's Wednesday. Yep, another Human Target free Wednesday. I'm not liking it. Not at all. Wednesday was my night, ya know? I got to lie on the sofa (with my laptop, cos let's face it, it's always close by and most always on.) and watch Castle then Human Target. My night.
Now it's Castle... sigh. It's good an 'all but I really loved Human Target. I'm an action kinda girl. (no kidding! lol) What's more, Mark Valley isn't exactly hard on the eyes, ya know?

Oh I did this... it's kinda funky.

Ignore the tape - the silly picture wants to fall off the door. (It's stubborn but has met its match!)

The excerpts you see (click on the picture and you should be able to see it in HUGE) are taken from the earthquake scene in EXACERBYTE which never made it into the original...a large chunk of the book is set in Christchurch, and when I wrote the scene it was insane to have a large earthquake happen there - I was toying with moving the location to Wellington so my earthquake scene worked... but then the unthinkable happened, and now putting it in just seems wrong!! The other excerpt that was chopped up for this crazy picture is a scene from the 4th book, FLASHBYTE. Good luck in figuring out which is which and what's really going on. :)
Go nuts!

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